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  7. There are some graphics on my site with logo's and       link's to the proper owner of the artwork (as they       requested on their site).

  8. Any Trademarked or Copyrighted material on my site       was used with permission.

  9. Use of any graphics or artwork to decorate personal       emails is fine. I only ask that somewhere in the email       you put my link to let       people know where the graphics or artwork came       from.

10. Do Not Email me asking for permission to use my       graphics in published works....I'll save you the time       the answer is NO! Just ask yourself this question:       "Am I going to make money with these?" if the       answer is YES. You have already got your answer.

11. Do Not take my HTML Code! You can use 'view       source' to see how I might have created something or       to get and idea of how to do it. But Please don't just       copy and paste my code into your web page.

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