I hate getting calls late at night, but that's the nature of the beast , so to speak.
Now I didn't get into business for myself, expecting to set my own hours and work when I wanted to, like some of those characters you've probably read about from up in Maine and such. No, I honestly did it because I felt I could fill a need, especially for older folks. I figured they'd been pretty much beat up on all their lives. I'd try to be the guy who would not take advantage of them. Keep my prices down and service up so they would keep their homes and be able to stay in them without costing them an arm and a leg to keep up repairs and such.
Well I built up a pretty good clientele. Mostly fixing up for them, plumbing repairs and roof work and such. Cleaning up and repairing after storms and all. I keep pretty busy. Once in awhile I have time for a new roof job or an addition. I'm sure not getting rich but I make a living and I feel good about what I do.
Now my most unfavorite time of year is early fall, what with the hurricane season and violent storms. I'm working sun up to sun down and then some.
Funny, how as soon as a chill springs into the air, the whole town starts with the orange and black. Used to be Halloween was one day, now it's about six weeks. Put all the decorating and fixing up for the day, along with the storms, and I'm busier than a one legged man in an alligator pit. There seems to be an excitement in the air and everyone in town catches the fever together. That's when the "crust starts getting thin", as old Mrs. Hanson would say. She'd tell me stories while I worked around her place. ' Bout how come the third week of September or so, just as the evenings started to imitate winter, that her Norman would drop by to talk to her and comfort her, enough so. that she'd get by another year.
Now you probably have figured that Norm was passed on and you'd be right. So that's what she meant by the"crust starts getting thin." I on the other hand, have never experienced anything like that. I'm not saying I don't believe it possible, just not probable the way I figure it. You have to have alot of time and quiet on your hands, like those "professionals" always writing articles and doing talk shows about ghosts and other such paranormal stuff. They got alot of time on their hands cause that is all they do. That and get poor old folks to believe in their crap and take their money. "Bunch-a-dips", is what I call 'em.
Well like I said, I hate getting late night phone calls and it's about a late night phone call that this story is about........

Okay here you have the choice of continuing on......(if you aren't afraid)
Or you can go back, forget the whole thing and just tell everyone you read it...Ha Ha. You also have a choice of (if you go on) to read it with the lights on or off....your choice....Enjoy ...which ever way you choose!

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